Are you ready to take that next important step in your career, and are looking for the right program to meet the needs of your busy professional life?  Our Food Processing Management certificate will provide you with valuable, highly practical knowledge that will help you succeed in the food processing industry in as little as nine months.  Each module is designed with you in mind—practical, thorough, and relevant.  

Topics covered include:

  • Quality control/assurance
  • Food safety
  • Quality control programs & employee safety
  • Food processing
  • Product development
  • Business growth strategies
  • Human resources

Why you should enroll:

This program is for ambitious individuals who currently work, or plan to work, in the food processing industry or related fields and aspires to stand out among other employees.  You do not need to have any specific training or degree to enroll in this program.  Those who would benefit include:

  • Food processing plant workers, supervisors, and managers
  • Quality control and assurance personnel in the food industry
  • Supervisors and managers in related supplier and distributor firms
  • Individuals interested in working in the food industry
  •  Government regulators

About this program:

The Food Processing Management Certificate is a non-academic program offered by the Food Processing Center at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. This program is designed for those professionals seeking to gain specialized knowledge in food processing management.

In this program, (1) learners are not required to go through the University admission process for academic credit; (2) the course completion requirements for attaining the certificate in this professional development program will be different than those required for academic credits; and (3) the curriculum has been approved as a non-academic program for professional development. For all the reasons aforementioned, learners in this program will not receive academic credit or University transcripts associated with their certificate.

The certificate received by learners finishing the program represents proof of completion and mastery of the contents discussed and presented during the Food Processing Management Certificate program.

Learn more about who benefits from the program.

FPM Certificate Module 1 FPM Certificate Module 2 FPM Certificate Module 3