Dairy Processing image of 2 adults in food safety attire with computer screen

Professional development is a win-win for employees and employers. The best organizations in the world consist of highly engaged employees who have the opportunity to improve themselves and the knowledge and tools needed to do their jobs. The Food Processing Management certificate provides both.

How it Benefits You:

  • Increase your opportunity for promotions and pay raises at your current employer
  • Be more competitive for other jobs within the industry
  • Increase your productivity and effectiveness in your current position
  • Be better prepared to meet the challenges of new regulatory requirements
  • Improve communication with other departments by better understanding their language and perspectives

How it Benefits Your Employer:

  • Employees become more productive in their current positions
  • Processing problems can be solved more quickly and efficiently through improved technical knowledge and better communication
  • Investments in professional development improves employee retention
  • Employees are better prepared to comply with regulatory requirements
  • A larger, more qualified pool of candidates for future supervisory and management positions